About Me

I'm 36 and I still feel lost each time I have to write a few lines of self-introduction. Do I start with a name, do I start with a story? How accurate will it be? Will it be enough to satisfy your curiosity? I don't know. Probably not.

Here's what you should know at the very least:

- I am an open book, I tend to overshare. Not in a TikTok kind of way, although I find myself spending at least an hour or two each day wondering what kind of TikToker I am.

- I am an overthinker. I usually find myself over-analysing people, situation and things. In the past, it was disruptive and it led me to "overfeel" even in matters that do not concern me. I am better now, still working on it, but better.

- I want to be a better me, always. And in my journey, I hope to make at least one person feel less alone in theirs and maybe put a smile on some faces while I am at it. 

That's all. 😉

Squid Wan About Me