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You're here!

I wonder what brought you here.
I wonder what's your name.
I wonder if you wonder, why you even came.
If you wonder as I wander,
and wander like I do,
Stick around, we'll wander together,
I made this just for you.


Squid Wan About Me
Image by Hannah Olinger

I love stringing words together. From my first Blogspot (you'd know this if you were a 90s teen) to now writing professionally as a Content Strategist/Creative Freelancer, writing truly brings me joy. I'd love to write a book one day but let's start with this.


In my blog, I focus on relatable topics around mental health, entrepreneurship, creativity, love and relationships and my journey of self-discovery. 


Image by Sirisvisual

Vlog (Coming Soon)

Watching Oprah and Ellen growing up, I've always fantasised about having my own talk show. When Instagram started Stories, I started fake-interviewing my friends when we hung out as well as sharing my thoughts and daily experiences.


Now, I turn to YouTube for information and I'm always intrigued by how good some of them are. The small voice in my head keeps telling me to do this. So here we are.


Art (Coming Soon)

Creative expression was what got me through my darkest days. Growing up, I was never really good at it. Despite that, Art, be it through poetry, songwriting, doodling, short stories, photography, videography and animation, always made me smile from the inside.

Working on more personal creative projects is part of my commitment to a happier Me.

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